Saturday, October 10, 2009

VROC - Welcome USN Kevin Ray

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Don VSP blog:

Don VSP FINALLY woke up and called a VROC ride!!! GBG Thanks my friend!!! We've been quiet all summer, we've been doing rides, just not our normal NORCAL ones!

So Kevin doesn't have his M1 and can't hit freeways, and Don plotted a great run thru a bunch of twisty's and of course had a great spot to stop and eat!!!

The route and you can click on the "view larger map" at the bottom and you're in Google and can move around:

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Lunch at Billy Quon's Volcano Grill and Mai Tai Bar in Carmel Valley:

So on a nice Oct day in sunny KalEfornYa, we start our ride... sigh The sky above my home..

Well, I have a nice and "cool" run down to Salinas.. getting worried, didn't see my turn off and pulled over to look at my google map, was putting it away and there went Don VSP!!! Roar off and tailgate!!!

We get to McD's and here is Don VSP and Kevin, with TopDawg's bike in the rear..

Kevin has a nice VN900 and for riding 1 MONTH, he handles it quite fine!

Another pic of us warming up at McD's.

OK, TD had to have breakfast before we rode to lunch! We have to take food pics!!! GBG!!!This looks kinda apple turnover'ish!

We get to Billy's and they gave us the executive sweet!!! GBG Plush couches and all!

Kevin, TD and Don.

This is really a nice place to stop!

I had the fish taco's and it was great! I knew I'd not be able to eat them both...

I blurred Kevin's cheese burger and sweet potato french fry's.

TD had the chicken salad, I almost did it too.... with an orchid on top....

Don had the small burger "sliders" and sweet potato fries... We swapped a taco and slider, the two were a better combination, and we both liked the result!

This is a (stolen from Don VSP's blog!!) Arctic “Dri-Ice” Bon Bon...... it's vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate sitting on dry ice and it smoked real good! The dishes on the side were for dipping the ice cream. Don was taking food pics and when this came out, the ladies called us over!!!!

The waiter told TD that the orchid that came with his salad was eatable, so he had to try it, he said it didn't have much taste...

Well, we waddle back to our scoots and get ready to take off... It was warm so wardrobe change was in the calling, I hung my vest with camera and ear plugs in the pockets on the flags on the rear.... well, I forgot it... Got down the twisty's about 5 miles and said "$%&!&!#%!# where's my camera lump in by right side...

Well, I honked to no avail, so pulled over and lo and behold, it was still hanging there in tact!!! Whew!!!! TD came back to see what happened, as I was tail gunner, and I passed him, and he caught up and on we went!

Well we winded and curved and geez, what a road!!! Nice scenery and we finally got to our rest stop, C on the map Greenfield, Ca.

After that we have to find a detour around our road that had a bridge out.... someone must have sold it.. GBG

I had done another wardrobe change, put on my summer gloves, as it was hot on the way to Greenfield.... bad move, Don took off his mesh jacket liner.. bad move...

And north we went. I had told Kevin that when the fog comes in the area between King City and Gilroy are a very windy place.... well, guess what???!!!! This was only about a 35mph wind, tame for this area, but dust a flying and getting whipped around.

We took the back roads back up the road between Monterey and Salinas and that's where Kevin left us.

Of course after the cold hands thang, sigh, I put on my glove liners and leather gloves at Salinas, well like I told Kevin , you get into Gilroy and temps go up 20 degrees, sigh, so then I was riding winter gear in heat, sigh... can't win around here.

It was a great ride as always, Don VSP has shown me so much of KalEfornYa that I'da never seen without him, and ate some great food for the same reason!!!

Thanks again my friend! Great day and folks!! Next time is coming... Polar something.. GBG

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VROC #5569-r said...

I should have ordered the fish tacos and you the burger sliders because I like cole slaw and you could have had the sweet potato fries. :-)