Saturday, January 15, 2011

VROC - '11 PBR to Shorters

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic twice for full size, text for a pic is under the pic....

Don VSP's excellent blog:
Added KC Muir's pics below ---- Thanks KC!!!

Well our long awaited and dreaded Polar Bear Ride is due!!! Don VSP FINALLY got it right! See the heavy jacket below on Roy C???!!!! GBG

The rest came in from the valley and had cold and fog! I got a bit of it going into Tracy...

It was short, no pun intended, to Shorter's in Tracy. 140 mile ride, and very nice!

Roy C still misses his Nomad! And he wanted to try out my beaded seat cover. They are really comfortable! If you want to try 'um, go down to Walmart and get their $8 car beaded seat cover. I cut mine and tied it off so I could use the extra for a back rest.

The valley contention coming in! KC and Lynn, Phil T, Don VSP and the Triumph riders.

We had 12 scoots, and one 2-up, IIRC.

We finally get to Shorters in Tracy and VSP decided to try and sneak up on them by parking down the street... I foiled his plan, I parked in front and so did KC and Roy.

Front and center is Hans, IIRC, he's a fellow FCRC rider out of Chapter 2, I'm in 5.

We took over the place!

Everyone settling in... I already knew what I wanted... pulled pork! They are HUGE sandwiches! KC and wife on this side and Roy C facing.

Roy C broke the code, he walked in and ordered first thing! I told him to ask for the sauce on the side... he forgot.. hafta do it once, I guess, speaking from experience!

The rest found out the order sequence!

Waiting, except for Roy, heck I think he was close to done!

--- Just got these from KC Muir Thanks! ---------

The Cranky dude on the left.. Roy C just to my left, KC's wife Lynn on the right.

Some of the other riders.. Phil T on the left.

Pdub front right with Phil T on his right.

The menu of "bad" stuff! I don't think I finished 1/2 of my sandwich!

Mama, she remembered the Cranky dude! GBG

Great place!

16 E 9th St, Tracy, CA (209) 839-2290

Great ride and food. I headed back, the last thing I needed after that huge sandwich was to go to a chocolate factory!

Glad we got that awful PBR out of the way! GBG Mesh jacket, no liner, and mesh gloves on the way back home. It got up to 70, and I was kinda wishing that I could get some cranking in but too late... tomorrow!

Thanks Don VSP!!! Did anyone ever tell you "you drive too fast????!!!" GBG