Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VROC - Yakima, Wa '10

The blog is from BOTTOM to top, I hate doing that but a long trip makes it hard to add pics over time. Each day will be separated by a --- line. Here is the best part... each day is top down... I'm sorry, I can't think backwards... wife will disagree.. sigh... Click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic

Sherm's blog: http://vrocyakima.blogspot.com/

--- Day 10 no pics, two on day 11 and home! ----------

One pic of the Or coast, gorgeous. Saw one kinda like it on the KalEfornYa coast but missed it, looked almost the same.

Day 11 on the way home, I came thru a recent fire scene.. notice the smoke in upper left. Glad I didn't have to wait for them to put it out!

Also, look at the sign leaning, I had a 40+ mph tail wind .... for a change... I stopped at a gas station and the guy said, you shoulda been here yesterday! I had one tank I got 53 mpg...

Rolled in about 1800 and 2250 smiles later... Told wife Donna, I think I could get used to this vagabond life! GBG

.... now what's in August????

------------- Day 7 on to Tillamook ----------------

Well, Mac Guy said the pic would be better in the AM, but the fog got us, matter of fact, once over the hills headed to I-5 on 12, we froze our little *)%@#$)* off!

Banjo and wife Kathy in front of me and Kelly in front, they live where I was headed and we all rode together almost to Portland.
Then on to Tillamook on 26 and 6. The roads were great and pulled in early evening.

--------- Day 6 3 passes and Mt Rainier --------------------

We are about to take off and who showed up for a visit? Denny and "Little" Josh! They stopped by while they were out traveling. Josh has lost a lot of weight and looks real good! Great on Ya!

Our first stop for the pause cause place.

Nice little place....

A place to wait for the head to open up...

Yup, that is where we came from... nice country.

Our next stop is Chinook Pass (Corrections thanks to Penmaker! I thought it was White Pass), and it was! Mac Guy said there was MUCH more snow here real recent. The warm weather is doing it's thing.

Some of our intrepid travelers...

A distant shot of Mt Rainier, a much closer one coming right up!

Nice pic across the road from our stop point....

Nice rushing stream thru a snow bank...

Stepped in what? Coulda walked right into a snow bank, grew up in it and have NO interest! I suppose some folks would even try to ride a bicycle in it, sigh.. + GBG

Our next stop is a box canyon... 125 feet down...

The real thing... nice time of year, water everywhere...

The crown jewel, Mt Rainier across the lake. Mac Guy said this is one of the most photo'd spot around, and I can see why.

Another shot of the lake.

A pic of the travelers. I was after here that Mac Guy took us on a short cut that saved a bunch of miles... Don VSP, this county road 51 is down, may I say below your standards!!! GBG

This is where I got my flying lessons. Mac Guy warned us the road was terrible and to watch out! Well, the shadows from the trees and wearing sun glasses made seeing the road a tad tough for me.

I knew better, but somehow wound up on the outside of the road... Where it had crumpled away, they just put some tar down to look like road... it wasn't...

All heck broke loose!!! I was flying, Ruby was a wild bucking bronko, I went so high I came down on the top of my backrest and folded it over! The guy behind me said, "I thought you were headed into the woods"!!! .... so did I, but after loosing it once, the death grip on the handle bars worked! Didn't even make a "mess", guess I didn't have time! GBG + whew!!!!

Our next stop is Narada Falls. I've got to fix the reflections... sigh

From the parking lot...

The input to the falls.

OK, we had time, we lost a rider at our last stop and Mac Guy had to to fetch, so I walked down, and I mean down! to spot below the falls for a better pic, it was real damp down there too! But worth it!

We get back out of the park and Mac Guy knows a place to eat that was MUCH cheaper than in the park and very good food and a lot of it.

Our next stop is Palasades lava flow. a lava flow met a glacier and stopped long enough to cool and left this neat wall.

I was afternoon, Mac Guy said morning was a better time as the wall is not in the shadows.

Next stop Clear Creak Falls, again, lots of water everywhere.

I coulda gone over the fence for a better pic.... naaah, whoose....

Well, sigh, the sun sets on another rally. Best two days of riding I've done in a long time, if ever! Gorgeous and loved it....

Most folks went to the BBQ, supper ain't me, so I got some needed exercise and met them after they came back.

Epi was having fun on this carpet roll, and KC's wife decided to ride second seat! We all had a great laugh!

Did I say everybody had a good laugh? Well, the Cranky dude had to try it too! GBG

Great time... tomorrow starts the trip to Tillamook to visit with my oldest son Mike for a couple days. This is Sunday and I started back home on Wed.

------------ Day 5 Leavenworth, Wa and Cashmere, both old places ------

Well, Mac Guy was good enough to lead us thru the back roads to Leavenworth, and I really do thank him, the roads and scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the rivers were flowing great and on the way back we got to see a lot of river rafters. We got and gave a lot of waves. But to start off...

We start at the Kaw Pasture..... out back... we're trying to be quiet.... har... We finally got on the road close to start time, good for us!

We get to a staging place and regroup for the old quarter section. It looks like Bavaria, and it really does, I was there. I love that old time building look.

I was taking some scenery shots and caught Epi backing in....

We're surrounded by nice mountains.

After parking the scoots we wander around looking for a restaurant, Us old "ones" were looking for a rest room... here it is! Nice decorations and murals.

We picked one that had a chicken salad that I was all for until I got inside.... I was bbbaaaaaaadddddd, sigh. Mac Guy had one and it looked good!

While waiting for food, I was walking around shooting some shots... Nicely decorated!

More pics..

I tried to get a pic of the group, but I think the light behind was not nice, but you get the idea. Mac and wife, KC and wife, B from E and I asked the waitress to pose.

After lunch we walked around and I took more pics of the buildings as they were very nice, sorry about the sidwaze one, I meant to rotate it... but... oh look there goes a squirrel.... sigh..

Sorry for so many pics, but I liked the place... and it's MY blog! So there! GBG

Well, we're ready to head off to Cashmere to of all places a candy factory, and I was bbbaaaaaddddd, geez... BUT so was Epibunny! I'll show you OUR downfall soon...

I tried to get the name of the place, but too many ceiling lights....

And here comes Epi and my downfall....

...free samples... sigh Guess Epi got a shell and almost chomped a tooth!

They had plenty for sale tho... I felt so bad I gave the cashier couple bucks tip... they said, but it free! I said you can free yourself right out of business... made me feel a little better, sigh.

Well they had a free 10 minute tour of the place and we said what the hey and went in! Of course we had to wear hair nets, I tried to argue as to the need... but put one on.

While in the store we all conjured up the memory of the I Love Lucy show where she was in an assembly line screwing up big time, this cemented it, they didn't mess up, but I can see where it could happen.

Great day!!! Thank you Mac Guy for doing this!!! You made a great day for a lot of folks!

------------ Day 4 on to Yakima, Wa ---------------------

Nice day, only a couple pics, it was HOT here!! %(&@%&( near 100!!!

After I turned off 84 to 97, climbed some hills.... There was this 200K fixer upper... Nice trees...

And it had a great view!!!!

This is a shot out of my window... nice!

A closer shot..

Down stream shot.... and it's still hot!!

-------Day 2,3 07/13 On to Gladstone, Or ----------------

Nothing to blog, my buddy Ken and I just drank too much, stayed up too late, geez, I'm getting fatter by the day, sigh... + GBG

------- Day 1 07/12 Off to Klamath Falls, Or -----------

Next couple days will lag. My buddy does not have a telephone line, a computer, I mean.... how does he waste his time? GBG

What's that line? On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again... Sing it Willy!!! OK, my pic taker was walking the dawg, sigh, so the round headed kid took it.

Ok, if you go by Mt. Shasta, Ya gotta take a pic. I wanted to take one at Dunnigan of Bill and Kathy's, we always stop there... but not today, I was too early!

I had to take a pic of this.. This is grass lake on 97 from Weed to Klamath Falls... and yes it is all grass...

I hafta tell Ya, after I-5, 97 from Weed to Klamath Falls was gorgeous!!! Nothing but open and nice looking country! I loved it! This is what trips are about! It was only 75 miles from Weed to KF, but the best miles of the day!

The only heat I took was from south of Red Bluff to north of Redding, after starting to climb, it cooled right down. When I pulled into KF, it was 85 and gorgeous... Day 1... On the road again... GBG

I-5 was a blast, literally, a few construction sites but moved good. Left Home at 0850 and pulled into Klamath Falls, Or 1600, 408 miles...

---------------------------- beginning --------------------------

This is my year to travel, and I'm looking for more!


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And I can see a trip to Redding in August / September to visit family.

And now on to Yakima, Wa! Going to stop south of Portland to visit with an old friend, on to Yakima and then back to Tillamook, Or to visit with my oldest son, and other stops along the way.

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My planned route.. we'll see.... GBG Click on View Larger Map to see an interactive Google map. It's interesting, Google will only allow you to do so many stops, and then they will not send it.. some silly error message. The trip from the last stop to home is a bit over 400 miles. Lookin' to be a good trip!