Monday, June 8, 2009


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Don VSP's blog:

Well, it's HSVROC 09 and number 4 for me! Looking forward to it... tho... the weather has been a bit iffy... I carry all I need for anything so what can go wrong... I know... sigh.

I've hit all the routes and now plan to take them in a direction I've not gone.. that means this year I'm headed up 88 and will come back thru Jellystone! I like Yosemite!

What is that old song... My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

Head out to 5 up to Flag City and route 12, stop for a pause and gas and my damn sweats zipper breaks, so I get to ride the rest of the way with my whozits in the breeze, geez.. what else could go wrong? sigh

Well all them stimulus dollars are working, I'm in a wait for one way traffic, not bad or long....

The area was quite nice!

An overlook, the amount of wilderness is just amazing, miles and miles as far as you can see, it's just beautiful!

Another shot, I don't know how you could do justice to Jellystone, it's just great to see!

One of the lakes, Caples, I think you can read the sign.

Another shot....

I was waiting for the section past Heavenly where there was supposed to be a "up to 1 hour delay" spot for road work to eat my lunch, the wait was a few minutes and on thru. I stopped right after by a lake to eat my sandwich I made at home, and I was hungry, sorry, no pics! GBG

So on down the road... clouds.... splats on the windshield... I pulled over to put on my rain gear... The zipper on my rain pant leg didn't work.. it was a flap over, and velcro so no big deal. The zipper (remember the what else.... ) on my rain jacket didn't work, but it had a velcro flap so no big thing. On down to Gardnerville and back to Topaz.

I get there and take a shot at the few that were there, Don VSP, Penmaker, Grumpa and wife and Slots.

Don VSP and Einstein! He has a nice 1700 Classic!

I liked this pic out the window, one line of light across the hills... Was that the sun? GBG

Slots, KC and Penmaker

Trading shots with Don VSP.

Jim Hunt and Epibunny, thanks for the hugs! (the first time I mistyped it jugs, sigh...GBG)

Mrs Grumpa, Debbie waiting to take off Friday.

Slots is gonna take us on the bar hop ride! We had over a dozen brave souls out for a run! Slots had it all planned out, Wabusca, Virginia City, a bunch of whore houses.. HELLO? Yup, Grumpa wanted to see a house of ill repute, Debbie was a bit iffy on this! GBG

Wes Henry, Jim, Don VSP, Mike and Jeff.

Phil T by his scoot in the middle, he has a nice green / silver 'nad.

Jim Hunt, Mike, Penmaker, Russ, Debbie, Grumpa, Epibunny, Wes, and Jeff.

We have a short break on the way, as you get older, you DO NOT pass up a chance at a pit stop!

Debbie, Grumpa, Slots and Don VSP having a sayonce.

The Grumpa's in front of the (now) famous Wabusca sign...

Typical old time bar inside, I like old bars, and they are disappearing, sad to say.

Don VSP looking at something, Jim taking a pic and Phil T checking his phone.

Really a neat ol' place. That sign on the piano was made when the bar was started.

I really don't want to hear any comments about the bartender being a dog... GBG

Hey! You want it! We got it!

Don VSP, Grumpa, Penmaker, Russ and Wes.

We get to Virginia City, I have to have my Mocha Almond Fudge, in front of Reds'.

We had a special spot waiting for us, gee... isn't that a coincidence? GBG

Ok, I've never seen a wing pulling 2 trailers!

So we get to the fancy ladies spot... and guess what? We lost the only person that wanted to go there! WE LOST GRUMPA! sigh...

So afterwords we gas up in Carson City and take off, well Slots didn't notice some of us were still hooked up to the pump, and off they went. Mike and SO, Jeff and I head to our next stop, Genoa. I told them I knew where it was and led us down 395 and over to a rain storm by the hills! GBG

Lo and behold! We ALL arrived at Genoa! Grumpa still wanted to see the "ladies" and Slots the good man he is took Grumpa back to angel's little acre! The rest of us kinda scattered and found out own way back to Topaz Lake.

I've been here 4 years in a row, actually wife Donna and I were here earlier this year, we were headed back from visiting our son KC in Sparks and wanted a break and I wanted her to see the Genoa Bar.

Mike and SO headed inside.

Phil T, Slots, Jim and Deb.

So we make it back and there are a few visiting. Russ on the left is explaining to Don VSP, Jim and Phil T that he lost his nut... we have a new nic coming! GBG No Nut! His front axle nut fell off! Without that, the axle can come out, not nice!

Penmaker, Linda, Howard Nite lite, Rick Jest, background Laura and Brian.

Einstein taking a pic Patty talking to Jim, and Howard's new really neat Voyager on the left!

Slots, Debbie and Ron "Valdez" having a chat.

Epi giving a big thumbs up to Wes.

I saw this trailer and took a pic of the artwork on top!

There is a wolf and the grand canyon on top! Sorry for the reflections.

Josh getting in!

Dad Denny right behind on his 900.

Both of them,

In comes Cat...

and Jim from way down south.

So earlier we heard about No Nut, well we took some cable ties, rolled the bike up on the kickstand so the tire was off the ground, smacked the axle to make sure it was in, and ziped 3 ties on it so it cant come out! VROC parking lot fixes! GBG

Parking lot pic.


Geez, I never got a pic of breakfast! Denny, Einstein, Jim and Josh, sorry, just the remains!

KC, Valdez, and Phil T.

No Nut lost his nic', He and Don VSP went into town to find a nut, couldn't, but they found this guy and his business was closed, they knocked (he had a scoot outside...) and he went home to check, he called them and said come on in, he took a nut off one of his scoots to fix Papa Russ's bike! The don't come any better than that!

Billy Stugart! Please see Don VSP's blog for the business card, This an outstanding person!

From Don VSP's blog:

We had forgotten to take a photo of Billy, but Papa Russ had his business card. So if some of us good VROC members would email Billy a note of thanks from the Group. It would be nice.

Billy's Eamil Address:
Billy Stugart

Ok, this pic is famous! Nite lite cleaning his scoot! Skid, you saw it here! GBSEG!

I'm telling you, he was cleaning his scoot!

Later in the day, it was only 10 bucks to try the seat! GBG Howard was VERY pleased with his scoot!

Epi, Cloe, and Patty chatting.

So off we head on Saturday, I'm responsible for this pic, we got into Carson City, it was colder than I thought... and wetter. I tried to put on glove liners at a stop light and it didn't work, sigh.

I ran forward and pointed Valdez off to the right, I had lost a glove and what we were going into was not to be without gloves.

We pulled into this lot and Patty said your glove is by your foot! BOY was I happy! My long gauntett gloves and I did NOT want to loose one! Break time and off we went.

The norther we went the souther the weather went! By time I got to Reno... I was wondering why my *#)$ #)$*% #$) rain jacket was in my saddle bag, nice and dry! )*%_*%!)%*!) I did have my double lined liner in my jacket, actually, it did quite fine.

So we lost Veldez and pulled into a gas stop, and Einstein had a GPS and Ron's map and knew where they were, and they met up, and all was fine..... except my boy was not home... hey! some times "stuff" happens! GBG

I tried to call him... bee boop bee... this number has been disconnected... that was after I stopped and nobody home.... the stars are not lining up here... sigh. Later I found out he went cell phone and the home number was disconnected!

So I dry out at our local restaurant and headed out. Went by the house again and walah! Kristi was home! But by then, I had 5 layers on and I just wanted to get back to the hotel, so a short talk and the Michelin Man took off, It dried up a bit just north of Carson City, but it was good to get back out of the weather.

Time for some beer and visit... you may not notice.... there are no shorts or T shirts in view! But By Golly, we had fun!

KC holding Cloe, she's such a dog... GBG

Again, I mention, no shorts and T shirts! But we did quite good and life is good!

Josh, Einstein, Cloe and Patty.

I had to take a pic of the lady at the counter.... I went in for my daily coupons and she asked me how many people in my room... I said "I have 2 beds", great big grin, she gave me two bonus coupons!

OK folks.... THIS is the statement, the theme of HSVROC 09! Rain cover!

Last 2 years it was smoke, everything caught fire and I breathed smoke all the way home. So far, only 1 of my 4 years has been "normal", whatever that is! GBG

Yup, we had weather! You know what? We had a rally and it was a good one! Thanks to Don VSP for doing this, and Slots for leading a ride on Friday and Ron for leading a ride on Saturday!

It's folks like you that make rallies what they are by sharing your experience and likes with the rest of us! Slots gave us history lessons all the way by talking to us and pointing out sites along the way.


Don VSP taking off for Ky Rally! Have a good trip!

And off I head down to 120 and Whoa Nelly Deli and Jellystone! Nice trip, but cooler than I thought, filled up at Whoa Nelly gas station... bike would not start! )!_*%)!$%

Clutch in/out, stand up/down, put it in neutral and it started! WHEW! Went in for a sandwich and thought, yeah, shut it off.... Got food and back to bike, wouldn't start.... I can remember recent things, sigh, popped it into neutral and it started.

This is the way to get to the top of Tioga Pass! I'm at 7K feet... I go 12 miles up the road and I'm at 10K feet! Now you might think this a bit steep..... yup! Lugging in third! And there were cranky riders going up the hill! I gave them thumbs up!

I only took one pic on the way back, I went thru Jellystone, and I had so many clothes on, I did not want to try to get my camera out. I asked the guy at the Tioga toll both what the temp was.. I could see my breath... he said about 60.. That man needs to get off that mountain! If you can see your breath, it ain't 60!

After my non start event at Whoa Nelly, I thought about my problem.... I've recently had my clutch master cyl rebuilt.... yes, I reseated my clutch cable and all was good!

On to 10 HSVROC! " On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again, been a long time since I've been there with my friends, just can't wait to get on the road again!" Sing it Willy!!!!!! Cranky