Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VROC Wool Growers Inn Sherm visit

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Don and Sherm's excellent blogs:   


Well, Sherm is headed back north... I hope he brought some canned Yuma weather, and a lunch was in order!    Decent weather, lo 70's and nice for a change!

On to Los Banos and Wool Growers Inn!!!  Been there a few times thanks to Don VSP!!!  Always a belly bust!

I told the group that I'd not had a day of doing nothing for such a long time... I can't remember it....   Well today is it!!  No exercising, no cranking, nada, just riding 175 miles and stopping by a friends place to look at a sewing machine.    

It was mentioned that this may not quite qualify as a "nothing" day!!!  GBG  When I filled my tank  at 172M, 4.23G, 40.66 mpg, heck, I still had 15 miles left!  GBG

Nice ride and went by San Luis res, it  was full to the brim, huge lake and it's been a long time!  Nice to see.


I got there about 15 minutes early and Sherm is already there and said VSP would be along soon...  We rested in his Mine-Wini and waited.  Nice to catch up and sounds like his life is as busy as usual.

On to the food!!!  They serve a LOT and we had some soup and salad, and that is where I headed!  I can't mess with .....  awwww heck.... sure I did!!!  Sigh... Who put that piece of bread by my plate????!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... sigh... All great stuff!

I believe this was lamb stew, very good! 

Don's friend Linda had some of his pigs feet and the plate of french fries were just beyond.    Something about pigs feet.... I used to work on a farm in Illinois, and just can't bring myself to partake.....

The fries!!!  NO!  I did NOT!!!!!!!!!  I had to draw the line.... only one... sigh...

I had the pork chops, I ate the small one and took the big one home to Donna for her supper.

A general view of all the food, and we had already eaten almost all of our lunch by then!  WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!  And the free bottle of wine is quite good, as Linda said, and they were my exact words.... bath tub wine!  It really is tasty!

Great day, food and friends!  Good get together and time!  Thanks for the ride!