Friday, July 13, 2012

VROC - 2cd Annual Solvang, Ca Rally

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic twice to see it full size, text for a pic is under the pic.

Well, it's time again, the rally has been moved to a month later than last year, Mid July and the weather is lookin' to be clear with high in mid 80s...  can't beat that with a stick!!!  GBG

My planned route click to go to an interactive Google Map:  Solvang Route

I actually ran it in reverse, clockwise, due to weather concerns.... 

Cranky last years blog, many more pics:  Solvang '11 Rally

Don VSP blog:

Sherm's blog:
This is Thrusday, look to the right for Friday and Saturday!  He really did take the very best pics!!  Worth your time!!!!!

Lanny's summer trip blog:

Heading out a day early to get a start on the rally and get settled in...  Who Dog likes to get into the pic too!

                             Day 1      Wed        7/18

Well, let's see... how does it go?  My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!!!  On the road again, just can't wait to get on that road again...  Sing it Willy!!

Started out on Old Coalinga Rd, about 40 miles south of Hollister, check my map out.  This was the best part, and it went really downhill, so to speak, fast!  GBG  

The first 27 miles was pretty bad, no maintenance, when there was a hole, they painted a white circle around it ..... in the beginning...  they haven't been back for decades!  The first 9 m were... horrific... from there to 16 m, terrible, up to 27, passable!
This was definitely down to Don VSP's standard!!!  GBG

Very rough and articulated, er, so to speak... Glad I did it, don't think I'll be back!!!!

Quite pretty country and I was out in pretty much nothing, so I thought...  but as I went down the road, there were folks living out there!!!  Saw a fire dept. so wasn't as lonesome as I thought..

Interesting, as I crossed the county line into Kern Co. at the 27th mile, night turned into day!!  The road was 2 lanes wide, with a mark down the middle and in pretty good condition!  On to.....

Don VSP's favorite stop in Coalinga for gas, and I ate my sandwich.  I left home at 10 and arrived at 1330, 3 1/2 hours.   Unfortunately I got the crap beat outta me and had many more miles to go... but on the road again!

Headed out on 33 and was taking it all the way down, parallel to 5, but I'd rather... until the dreaded road work.  I did a caltran check and nothing showed, surprise, surprise...  sigh...  

The rest of the way was uneventful, tho got a few sprinkles and it cooled down, quite a nice surprise for the central valley!  That is why I made my trip clockwise, because of the weather.  It was really quite nice in the valley today!

                                      Day 2  Thurs 7/19

 A few of us decided to do a runamock and had to stop for a direction check.  If you look at the pic enlarged, to the right of the monolith you can see hang gliders coming down!

Now who in there right mind would like to come in here???!!!  GBG

Don VSP was chatting with Linda and Nite Light.

Mac Guy was chatting with Kasey and Slots.

Folks sitting around chatting....  Cat, Jim, Mac Guy, Francis, Linda, Slots, Phil and Howard.

The fare for the evening was pizza and it was going right down! 

It was apparently very good! 

Cat, the birthday girl, was about to get a cake!  Don VSP was doing the candle honor.

Apparently it was quite good. That last lonesome piece went too.

Kelly, Rouge and Phil... 

                    Day 3    Friday     7/20

I got to the motorcycle museum late, but got to see my good friend Pop-Pop!!  He's still looking as strong as always!

Lots of nice old hardware.

Gorgeous old Indian.

A Kaw entry!  

What it was.

More, ahem, motorcycle pics...  GBG

They had a buncha "work in progress" scoots in another bldg and we all went for a look....

This hurts my mind!  That someone would think of it, do it, and have it work is unthinkable!  Radial engine scoot, motor in the front wheel! No clutch, it ran or it didn't!

More scoots in the project room....

I liked this one, with a notebook on the back...

Scorp talkin' to Lanny with Pop Pop in back and Rogue looking on...

Kasey, Teri, Kelly and Jim...

Well, I finally decided to get some scoot shots, nice lineup!

After the scoot museum, we decided to horse around a bit...  GBG  Some fine little miniature horses, and very friendly. 

The owners did not want their precious little pets to get any "bad" stuff!  GBG

On to the lavender fields and Teri loves 'um!  They are nice.

What else needed?  Company!  Kelly joined in....

Almost made me buy something, appreciate the troop support.

On to our overlook spot where some "genius" last year, in need of gas, would not take my spare gas bottles because it was 87 octane...  and all he had to do was coast down a hill for about 5+ miles... geez, it still hurts my head!  And it had Seafoam in it!!!

They we walked up to the "scenic vista"!!!!   Nice horizon!  I'll resist any more comments.....

More "scenic vista's"  GBG  I like this place!  Statuesk, even!

There really is a nice lake out there we passed...  Lake Cachuma

On to a bar!  Nice little back road, bit of a rough ride, but nice, coming down the hill...

Only way I can remember things... take a pic.  

Neat ol' place, and it is old!  I like that, we had a few in south San Jose, but one went weird, one burned down and the county would not let them rebuild, one closed... sigh...

Couple more bldgs down the way...

The lunch group... it was a late one and most ate light as they had a big supper later.  I had a sandwich from the grocery store earlier and just looked around....

Really neat ol' place!  I love 'um!

I got a tickle outta this bldg, it had a definite lean to it... 

Rogue's treasure and trash pic..  I vote for treasure!  Real nice folk!

Well, it's time to ride out for Friday nite big supper at A J Spurs.

Some of Sherm and Don VSP blog pics showed a lot of food!   Looked like all had a great meal! 

Cat at the ready!

Hubby Jim also.

Biker Dad and Teri talkin' to Kasey...

Phil T on the ready....

Slots was caging it and took Howard and Linda...

Rogue was interested in Teri's Vaquero, she let him ride to the restaurant.  I think there is a Kaw Boy in his life!

Well Teri had to get there too, so off she went with John.

And the drawing for all the goodies followed!   Howard and Linda gave us some great microfiber cloths, they are expensive and very good! 

Well, we DO have to take care of things, eh???!!  GBG  How did we get along without them???  Cat and Jim looking at messages....

I loaned my jacket liner to Don VSP, it was cooling right down... he got some rags too!

Steve got a winner....

Biker Dad at the winners table!  Slots looking on....

I'd like to add... the cleaning kit I got had a big fat bottle of Prewash, and it came with a separate sprayer....  

That stuff is Dyno-Mite!!!  I mean it cleans the crap outta things!!! And the Wax and Shine Detailer puts a great shine on your scoot.  The prewash, wipe it on, let it dry a bit and buff it off, and it made all my plastic in front easy to clean!  Great stuff!  For all you lucky winners!!!

So time to visit, Biker Dad's wife back to us, Biker Dad,  Cat, Howard,  Slots, and Don VSP, Mac Guy was sliding under the table, he had some "good stuff" and was sinking fast!  GBG

                    Day 3     Saturday      7/21  

Sherm put a ride plan together, thank you, got to see a lot of things I'da not seen otherwise!,  and as we were riding along, we saw a horse laying down.. Now I don't see that often, so of course, pic moment!  GBG

Kasey was at the rear, listening to music, I walked by and told him, "we'er easily amused!"  he allowed as so...  GBG

So we made it to our winery that had the chess set, really big one!

Ok, not huge, but big!

Nice tasting room too.

Almost at the end of our ride for the day, we stopped to look at a field of flowers...

I'm talking orange here!  Sherm and Teri chatting...

Rick, the motel owner, was talking to Rogue, Rick was a Marine retiree, used to be a drill instructor, and Steve served in the Marines.  Rick's dog with light in his eyes, is a kick!  They have a great time!

                    Day 4 Sunday 7/22

Ok, Turn out the lights, the parties over, all good things must end some time...  sigh...  

Have a great breakfast , get a sandwich to go, and up route1 all the way!  Kept looking for a nice spot to stop and found it!  Had to take this pic to show I had my lunch it a bit of sun..   That was about all there was... sigh..

I had some sun and my lunch, it was at a spot marked for elephant seal beach. 

Now there is a nice set of seals!  GBG  The ones in the water were having a battle, smacking each other...  Must be fun time... 

Great run, great time, great friends!   Can't imagine a better way to live my life!  Thank you Jim and Cat for doing this!!!