Monday, April 20, 2009

VROC - A Delta Ride... NOT! Berryessa and Busters! GBG

Pics are from top to bottom, text for a pic is under the pic.. click on a pic for a much larger pic...

The biggest reason for this post is to show links to Don VSP and Sherm's blogs, always great!

So every year VROC has a "Spring Fling" or what ever you would call it... and the weather was fantanstic!!! We staged at 1 Jelly Belly Place in Fairfield, Ca

Of course Jelly Belly's were the order of the meet! TD - Top Dawg - Bob Alexander was the RC and he's been out of action for a while, job and getting married does these things! GBG Thanks TD for calling this ride!!!

We had almost 30 bikes.. you can't run that many bikes thru the hills and keep them together.. so we blasted off with two groups, TD first and Don VSP second..

Parking at JB....

Top Dawg his new wife RedCat and Sherm... Her name is Cathy and has red hair! GBG

The back forty group!

We stop at the glory hole by the damn at Berrysessa..

Our next stop..

This is how I remember where I've been! GBG

The rest stop.

We arrive at Buster's at Calistoga.... If you're ever in the area, stop! Great stuff!

He cooks the Ol' fashioned way! GBG The smell of the wood and meat was great! Always is!

Darn folks, geez, hafta wait to get in!

It's a VROC thing, take a pic of your food... This is a tri-tip sandwich, and there's a ton of meat on it! A bit of mac salad and a root beer! I ate it all! I was hungry and ...urrrpppp.. damn it was great!