Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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HSVROC '10 Don VSP's last Chief Honcho rally! I hope someone pics up the task and we have one next year!

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Day 9 - HSVROC Day 1 6/17 From son's place in Sparks to Topaz Lake, Nv,

Not a wowser, 145 miles, nice and slow and I took 445 north out of Sparks to Pyramid Lake, 446, around and 447 back to Fernley. Then 95 to 339, 208 and 395 to Topaz Lake!

BTW Pyramid Lake is a large lake!!! Surprised me! It looks pretty full and is fed by the Truckee river where it ends its journey, and right now it's running pretty good!

I did have to stop for a couple minutes in front of the Wybuska bar and snap a shot for old times sake. They welcome bikers and Avon too!

Some folks here already and we're gonna meet at the Kaw pasture at 1700... better get some beer! GBG!!

Rick showed up! Glad he could make it!

Here's Deer Slayer Ed A. If you look at his T shirt, he still has come deer hair on it, and this is after he brushed a bunch off!

A deer decided he was faster than a Harley..... guessed wrong... smacked 'er real good!

Left of shroud cracked....

Drove the split fairing into the tank.....

Took a frontal blow, had it not been for a frame mounted fairing, the handlebars woulda been turned to the left and Ed would have hi-sided and not come out quite as well. Glad you made it safely Ed!!!!

Sandy, Mac Guy's wife... someday, I'll remember it, sigh, Lisa and Sherm. Notice the shorts and T shirts.... GBG

Howard, Skid, KC and Penmaker...


Day 10 HSVROC Day 2 6/18 Breakfast at Heidi's!!!

Had a nice ride over the hill to Tahoe for breakfast. Real nice place and we had a great waitress that took very good care of us!

KC and Phil T waiting at Heidie's for breakfast...

Just shootin' to the right....

.... left....


...and out the door.... notice the dangling participial in the center of my exhaust.... piece of trim rivet gave it up.... coat hanger from Rick in the parking lot back at the motel got me home... sigh...

Top of Mt Rose, 8900', not bad! It was windy and cold up there!

Taking a break at the top.

Think this was at the Bucket of Blood in Virginia City. Phil, Tony, Laura (IIRC) and Lisa.

Gettin' ready to head to Genoa, NV, put on my skull cap, use it to keep the inside of my helmet cleaner and it also prevents my ears from getting flapped over - I hate that!!! - and dragging my ear plugs out. Hate that too! GBG

Arriving at Genoa...

Nevada's oldest Thirst Parlor! Thanks to KC for sending me the Genoa pics, and skull cap one!

All gathering around Friday evening for the free hot dawgs that LAS arranged for us!!!! Great on Ya!!!! Her sister and hubby were great hostesses!!!

Laura and Rick chattin'.....

We had the raffle Friday night, some folks were not gonna be there Sat night.. and afterward, Howard gave Don VSP a gift for all his good years of planning HSVROC, and well deserved!!! Thank you for all the fun!!! Guess Jim and Cat are making us a WCVROC rally, and I think Jazz has to go!!! GBG

Friday night and we have to warm up the lounge.... The Kraz B+B showed up, nice to finally meet 'um! Penmaker and Slots to their right.

KC listening....

I sense a tall story being told!

Randy on the right, he came in from Cortez also.

Trouble, Jamie T and Laura.

Tony D has a look on his face.... like he's tellin' a tall one!

Today is Lisa's birthday and she's having a great time! Howard got a set of rabbit ears in....

Jim and Cat, our new WCVROC rally coordinators!!!!!

Raucous round of Happy Birthday!

Really gettin' into it!

I'da liked to hear that one! Musta been good!


Day 11 HSVROC Day 3 6/19 Ice Cream at Markleville

Well, Sat am, KC and 3 others took off to run the passes and a few of us were standing around.... I mentioned that they have great ice cream at Markleeville... over Monitor pass.... well Mac Guy was up for it and Skid / Sandy and Sherm said "heck yeah"!!!

So we had a nice jaunt, had some Ice cream, ran back into Gardnerville... where a flock of birds dive bombed Skid.... never understood that one.... This pic is almost at the top of Monitor Pass.

We did go by some interesting little cars, I'm assuming they were powerless and were just coasting down the hill, and at a pretty good clip too!

That valley just goes on forever!

At the ice cream place, and it was good stuff!


Day 12 HSVROC Day 4 6/20..... turn out the lights, the party's over... all good things must end sometime..... turn out the lights........... sigh By time I got home... 2812 miles.
That included all the wandering journey's to Cortez and back... Great run!!!

Now if I remember right, I have something planned for mid July.... hhhhhmmmmmm GBG

Update: Monday I told wife I was headed for Bernal for my first crank in 2 weeks and she choked, said, I don't think you should to that!!!

Well, I had 2.5 miles to decision point and by that time I agreed... Tuesday, another level about 15 mi run, put a new seat on the bike and thought that Wed was not a good idea, you don't put a new seat on and go for a long ride, NOT a good idea...

Thursday! Cranked that sucker in fine style! I'm back in the saddle again! GBG


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

2812 miles??? Wow Cranky...that's seriously awesome...looks like a great time was had by all.

VROC #5569-r said...

Chuck and Frances Noll {Macguy and his wife}.

Nice job on the Blog there Cranky.


tiredSAMOAN said...

Hey KC. This is nice, wow I hope to plan something like this with my family and friends one day. We'll most likely be driving instead of riding bikes though. lol. All in all I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and nice views on some of the hills you took and posted up. Take care KC,

Ron - dispatch