Saturday, October 24, 2009

VROC - Cranky's Tri-Tip in Tracy Ride

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

Don VSP's blog: Its ALWAYS better!!!! GBG take a look!

Don VSP planned a great route that took us down Palomares Rd
and others. Click on the "View Larger Map" below the map to go to a Google interactive map and you can check it out.

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Well, look at the title!! You know what we had! Yup! I ordered a great big pulled pork sandwich! GBG

We had a shorter ride, pun intended to Shorter's Rib Pit! Don VSP really know's 'um, the food was a bunch and good, I couldn't even finish mine and over tried as it was...

Shorter's Rib Pit & Catering

We cater more than just Just Barbecue!

Specializing In

BBQ - Southern Cuisine - Fish
TRACY, CA 95376
(209) 839-2290

Hours: Tues.-Sat 11am-8pm
(open ‘til 9pm Friday Nights only)
Closed Sunday & Monday

When I say shorter, I only got in 180 miles, I normally get that many just to get to and from our normal start staging at Jelly Belly in Fairfield!

The ride kinda started out slow, Don and I thought it would just be us two, but by time I got to the staging point, we had a grand total of 7 folks... and as we were about to leave, Rad pulled in for 8! Nice group.

Here is Roy Coxen's new Harley to replace the Harley he had stolen, with Ruby behind. Roy, tie an anchor on that thing! GBG

Redbeard between Don VSP's Moto machine and his Classic and Eric Dunipac's Harley in the rear.

Michael Score's red classic on the left and Emily and Sid's bike on the right. He has a very nice V2K with a faring and nice hard bags.

Roy about to get into his trunk for something.

Butt break time out on Co Road on the outskirts of Livermore.

Everyone stretches... Redbeard in front....

Don VSP and Rad, she was calling Uwe to say she caught us.. just barely! We all said HI and wish you were here, he had to work....

Nice country side and everything is turning green!

We get to Shorter's and my buddy Larry W. that was "supposed" to be there was a no show! Larry! You missed a great one!

Standing in line..... Rad, Roy, Eric, Redbeard, Sid and Emily..

Donnelle Shorter was very good natured and helpful!

Tri-tip and a basket full!

Another one, look at the size of it!

My pulled pork, I couldn't even pick it up, little alone take a bite! I DID succeed tho...

Dave Shorter and Don VSP shaking hands! Don didn't call ahead and he pulled some tables together and made a nice spot for us! Good thing we left when we did, another group of bikes were coming in behind us!

Great run! Thanks Don VSP and all that showed up! The weather was FANTASTIC!!!!

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VROC #5569-r said...

My Blogs are not better than Cranky's, just different. My Blogs tend to be more journalistic and not passionate. Crnaky's Blogs are more personal and give the viewer a better "feel" of the Event than just reporting about it.

Don "vsp"