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VROC - Knoxville-Berryessa Road - Black and Blue Road!!!!

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic twice to see it full size, text for a pic is under the pic...

----------  Don VSP blog - take a look!!!!  ----------------

Don VSP's always excellent blog:  A MUST read!  He got the best pics!

A note to his blog:

His comment, We had to avoid a bicycle event on the road until we passed Pope Valley Road. So it was pretty slow going.

Well the comment is, we had a CHP officer riding with us... he was behind us, just before the bike turn off, where he turned off.   I waved him by, he gave me a nice wave, and Martin did not even notice that someone replaced me behind him!  GBG  Glad he was riding safe!!!!

---------------  end VSP blog ---------------------- 

The infamous Knoxville-Berryessa Road!! Don VSP was headed out and then back to (Belly) Busters for lunch.  I've always wanted to do it as my brother and I used to go to the resort we go right by, Spanish Flats, about 50 years ago.... sigh...  my how time flies...

Well, one of my curses of living so far away... I opted to meet the group in transit, which is about a100 miles just to get to the start point.  We had 8 scoots and one 2-up.  Nice group!

Left at 0800, back 1730, 307 miles according to Google, I did not keep good records!

My ride:

Click on View Larger Map to zoom in and use street view to look at "the road".......

I arrived at Moskowits Corners early, they had a cranky bike rally point across the street, dang bike riders!!!  GBG   

This place also brings back some very old memories... 2 sheets to the wind after midnite, pool sharking... sigh. misspent youth...  'er was it? 

Intrepid travelers arriving....

Getting parked...

We chat a bit and get ready to head out...

Head 'um up and move 'um out.. slowly... CHP with  lights flashing at the stop sign we had to go thru right behind him.... slowly....  GBG

Here is creek crossing 1 of 5 wet ones....  not bad....

Poor Ruby, leaving a puddle...


This is a Google road pic of our ride,  Maybe you can see how bad it it, and this is a good pic!!  

About all I can say is, VSP needs to make a pin or patch for that road, and it has to be black and blue!!!  

That road will beat the #$*)%#!)$*!)* outta you!  There is nothing but holes and patches on patches... and a bit wider than one lane... and traffic goes both directions, what there was of it....

Well we were about 4 miles out of Lower Lake and "stuff" happened, a brand new chain broke in -2- places!!!  One piece lodged in the swing arm and caused Joe come to an abrupt stop!!!

If possible, it happened at a good point, the two closest cities for 70 miles are Napa and Lower Lake...  Now I just want to impress on Ya, None of them miles is related to good or straight road!!!!  We're talkin' 25 to 45 MPH.

Phil T was the only one with reception and they called for a tow, sorry!  But they stayed and we went on to Busters.

I later learned that Phil T made it home 1 hour after I did and he made the stop at Busters for a late lunch.  Great on Ya for doing this!

Here is the (Belly)  part of Busters, mine still hurts!

 Right at 29 and 128.   It's one of Don VSP's favorite stops.  

Well, we all survived the "road", a tad beat up and one severely broken chain... but all OK.  

Thanks for doing this Don!!!  Other than the road and chain, it was a good ride and day!!!  Now on to some "medication" and Advil!!!   Gettin' too old for this stuff...  GBG

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