Saturday, September 25, 2010

VROC - Sep 25th NOT Polar Bear Ride

Pics are from top to bottom, Click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under the pic.

Don VSP's ever excellence blog of our great run!!!!

Time for our 9/25 ride, this time on 9/25.... there's a story there, sigh... I thought it was last weekend, dunno why, anyway, I showed up 1/2 hour early and it was the right place and the right day... a measure of success for me.. sigh...

We had 3 scoots, Don VSP - well he had to be there - he, I think, knew where we were going... KC/Lynn and I. And with all the ) *$*%!#$) bicycles on 1, that was a good little bit of a mess, ! #)$*!#)$* bike riders!!!!! GBG

Then we had the fire where some idjet knocked down a pole and started a fire at lunch north of Dinuacci's by Bodega,
and that started goat trail 1 of MANY!!! But we made it!

Now about the temps.... we did NOT need a fire!!!! It was plenty warm! Don VSP didn't think it was warm at our staging point... I told him.. it's darn warm!!!

So he at least got down to his T shirt! Don VSP, KC and Lynn.

Don VSP checking the thermometer at the Marin Cheese Factory.. it was 83.. it got "better", sigh...

KC heading in....

You want cheese? They are soft cheeses and VERY tasty!

Saw a guy with a stack of cheeses, as much as he could hold! Apparently he liked what he tasted!

The place! We were treated to a line of Lotus's coming in! I'm sure there will be pics from Don or KC.

Dinuacci's, GREAT place!! The Minestrone was fantastic!
I'll let Don and KC tell you about the rest!

They have upper displays of lots of stuff! Think Don said it has been around 1908.... KC, Lynn and Don on the other side... We got there before all the folks came in, in spite of them.. yeah, bike riders... GBG

The front tire had plenty of tread! GBG

Smartly parked under a tree...

And onto a bread factory!!! Wild Flour Bread to be specific.... And it smelled gorgeous!!!! The waste line was swelling as I sniffed...

This is how I remember things.... sigh... now if I could do it with a calendar...

And yes, we were out in the country! Great run! But them $*%)#!$ goat trails were tough on this ol' bod....

Thanks again Don VSP for showing me things i'da never seen without your help!!!!

290 miles, 9 1/2 hours, weather gorgeous, peddle bikes on 1...)#($&*%!#)%*!#), fire... $)*#!#$*%!#$), SERIOUS goat trails.... kinda OK, but we needed Sandy there!! And Skids ribs!!! GBG

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