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VROC - WWR 4 '10 Cortez, Co

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Last entry for Cortez, Co, new blog for HSVROC coming right up! 6/16 was a down day at KC's and a well needed good nites sleep, think I slept the clock around..

Day 8 6/15 - US 50 - 480 miles and smiles....

This is the day I change my ride plans to blast over the "loneliest road in the America"! Don VSP and I both agree, it won't hold a candle to heading north out of Tonopah, not by 1/2.

Went thru Ely, heard this was a landmark, stopped and took a pic.....

The others were headed to Elko to the Thunderbird and I was headed to Sparks to visit my youngest boy. Skid was not feeling well and they were pondering how to proceed and I decided I needed the time so hit 50 at 0730, pulled into Sparks 1630 local time, 10 hours time.

Wasn't far out of Delta, and road work... fresh.... brand... new... $)%)*@) chip seal... It was not really bad, a bit slow for a few miles then onto older work, then all was GTG.

The desert was mostly green and cool, unseasonably for this time of year, stayed that way to about 60 miles east of Fallon, so of the 480, I only had warm stuff for about 90 miles as when I got closer to Reno / sparks, it cooled down a bunch. When I arrived, told KC that the temps were at least 20 deg different between Fallon / Fernley and Sparks.

The run from Austin to Fallon was into bad winds, almost straight on.. about 25 deg to the left, about 110 miles. I just locked my left arm on the handlebars, leaned into it and cranked the throttle, gas mpg.. I didn't even look at it, had I made optimistic assumptions about gas mileage.... I'da been on the side of the road a long ways outta Fallon. Famous philosopher once said never pass gas in the desert... good sage advice.

Believe this was Eureka, Nv, gas stop, and this great looking IIRC '49 Mercury came in!

Great run, ran the limit of 70 and maybe pushed it to 72, but I'm here once and I wanted to enjoy the views, and yes there are many! Not being able to take pics on the scoot... just take my word for it. If you are only gonna do it once enjoy it! God even Baptized me somewhere out there with some sprinkles!!! GBG Great ride, glad I made my virgin voyage on 50.


Day 7 6/14 on to Delta, Ut

We had a beautiful run up 89, it is just a drop dead gorgeous road with many sweepers, fast moving, but not so fast you can't enjoy the fantastic scenery! Excellent!! This is a rest stop, it was all very nice!

If you check Sherm and Skids blog out, they have some great pics of the scenery.

We only had one "sheepish" moment... we came across a heard of sheep that were loose on the road, I hit my Stebel, Skid hit his horn and they ran... everywhere but away!!! %&((%&@( Skid looked back and said all he could see was me surrounded by sheep running all over... sigh... all survived.

We had to stop at Mom's in Salida, again as we were here a few days ago, for scones and lunch. This time I resisted, my lack of exercise is beginning to show, sigh. Had a salad and 1/2 tuna sandwich.. sigh... sigh, that's a double sigh!

Route 50 was also gorgeous, nice and flat valley between mountains, green, little snow on top, I was smiling to myself for hours, I've not been down so many drop dead gorgeous roads in my life!

After a few "whoops, the road went thataway.. " we arrived to a very nice motel in Delta...

Tomorrow my longest day... 477 from Delta to Sparks, NV to visit my youngest boy. I'll ride with the parade 'til Ely, Nv where they turn right and I turn left... Great day!


Day 6 6/13... I Love a Parade!!!! The trip to Topaz Lake, Nv begins...

Well it was delayed, Mal, Skid and Sherm had to help out Tinker... he was outside of town 1.5 miles and broke down, Mal had a trailer and off they went... Tink later posted that he had bad ground wires, got 'um fixed and got home safe!

Tinker's breakfast....

And wife Kristen's breakfast, IIRC, I know, nobody has a face!!! GBG

To back up a bit, I had breakfast with Tink and wife at J and J's, they know me well there... Nice visit, great folks! As I was leaving, one of the locals asked Jack how the weekend was, he said it was Fantastic... a VROC group was in town and we had a very big weekend! Good on 'um! Good folks.

So off we went....past the 4 corners exhibit... down the road... someone wanted to stop and see it.... roundabout and back we went. I was under construction and closed.. apparently they put the 4 corners "site" in the wrong place.. GBG Not much to look at this time....

Pit stop, never miss a chance at my age, and off we went again. Don VSP in front and Skid second, peals off and sidetracks the group into a gas station, Don didn't notice for a bit, but knew we were in good hands.

Apparently a couple bikes were about to out ride their tanks and didn't know it, that's why the stop. Gas and Go, and caught up with Don at our next stop. Had lunch and on to Tonopah, NV.

This is the tail, I'd not like to see the mouth!

Don VSP wanted to stop at a BLM place just north of the bridge over Lake Powell on 89 and look at the dinosaur exhibit... It was VERY worth while!!! A fantastic find for the world, they have found species that have not been seen anywhere else!

And it is within a 30 mile radius! And the area where we were was under 400 ft of water and KalEfornYa had not been pushed out of the ocean yet! We're talkin' EARLY here!

You can see a guy on the left of the pic, he was a great help and spent a lot of time with us, very knowledgeable and informative, we learned a bunch! Even watched a 15 minute movie about the place and finds.. Then we get on to Tonopah, about 1 hour away...

We arrive at Parry Lodge, a very nice, old and historic
place. Many movies made around Tonopah and the stars stayed here. I got the Barbra Stanwyck room!

While there, John Wayne asked whey they didn't have a pool... they said "couldn't afford it", he said "I'll Pay for it!", and now they have a pool!

Great day and ride.... the journey continues....... on to Delta, Ut.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Day 5 6/12 The day to ride??!!

We had multiple sessions of thunder/lightning, wind, rain, hail, but there is always a silver lining.. the evenings, tho cool, were great! We had a great time! Got to put a lot of faces to names and loved it.... Funny thing, about 15 minutes after the storm... sun came out... sigh... but not for long...

I was staying at the Aneth, an OK place, but not at the Kaw pasture.... won't ever do that again, if you're not at the pasture, you're outta the loop. Turned out OK, but never again.... FWIW

Had a nice breakfast at Jack and Janelle's again, nice little country place. They had a bunch of tents just across the street selling "stuff", this was the Rodeo weekend and they were having a big todo. And you know what???????

They had a parade just in our honor right in front of the Kaw Pasture!!!! Honest they did!!! They did, however, forgot to ask us to be part of the parade... an oversite, I'm sure!!! GBG

Teri is holding up MY certificate for a T shirt, which I gave to a new friend!

A closer pic of the raffle crew, Badger did a fantastic job! Trouble helped out too!

Ticket sales were moving quite fine!

After the parade those that signed up for the big meal went and ate, I came back about 1930 about the time everyone was back at the Super 8 = Kaw Pasture, and the 50/50 and goodie drawing was about to take place!!!!

Guess who won the first ticket????!!!!! SANDY!!!! She won a toilet seat cover!!! GBG Long story that's been told before!! Great fun. The first "honest" drawing ticket was won by ..... ahem.... drum roll.... "Cranky"!!! Won a T shirt, and I gave it to a new member and a fellow PGR rider, and sorry, forgot his name. Hope he wears it well! I did win another prize, a floppy hat that might be a good 'un.

A great time had by all.... "turn out the lights, the parties over.... all good things must end some time...." We all said our good byes and most were very tired from the weekend and were more than ready to hit the sack.


Day 4 6/11 I crashed and slept in... needed that!!!

I wanted to do a ride, but heard it was 0800... about 2300 and just getting to bed, I said to myself... no )%@)@%@%)*) way!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Had a good breakfast and visited the KAW pasture, met Teri and Brian, nice to meet folks I've heard about for a long time! Brian helped me get my ROK membership, and it arrived just before my Yuma trip, just in case!

Now, I'm swearing that Margot is saying 3 inches... dunno how she knows!!! GBG Susan also decided to visit us! Nice to meet her! She's a cranker too!

Group of riders heading out...

I just didn't have any umph, in the early afternoon, took a nap, woke up by a thunder storm, lotsa wind... went out to check on Ruby and dry 'er off, it rained MUDDY rain!!! I guess it's been dry here (thanks for the water, sigh) and there was a lot of dirt in the air. Oh, well, it's almost KAW Pasture time!

Hot Sauce and Tom

I finally got to meet Tinker and wife... he's on the right, had breakfast with them next am.

Lanny's G'daughter was trying to get Tony's hat, he thought he was "above it all"! GBG

Guess not!

Just shootin' some shots, time for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Day 3 6/10 Nite Lite's BD!! GBG

Don was yelling "where's my breakfast!!!!" GBG

Woke up to a great breakfast place a local truck stop Bambi's of all logical names, Motel 6 folks told us about it, great "everything". And yes it was named after a deer....

Then on to a little out of the way place named Mom's, how could we go wrong? for a scone, Don VSP bought me one, and it was good... and I was BAD!!!! I ate it all! Sigh.

Then the country east on 70... interesting how it changes as the miles go by, and gas is over 100 miles out.. not a problem tho.

We get to Rays in Green River, a bar that Don knows about, Green River, the source of the mighty Colorado, guess Co. folks had better political powers.. GBG Great hamburgers, a great old time place and reminded me of my upbringing days in old Illinois.

The erosion left great scenes.

Almost like you're being watched!! GBG

After that we got blew around a lot, the winds came up and we were dancing all over the lanes, quiet then a gust, like 40 mph... Pulled into Arches National Park. There were breathtaking views everywhere you looked. Very nice visitor center!

To do that place justice, you would have to spend a lot of time... don't have the words to describe it.

Jazz on the right, said Toa loaned him his sheep for the trip.. I don't know who had the most fun!!! GBG I'm bettin' on Jazz!

We made it!!! Went to the Kaw pasture and met Sherm, Susan, Tom, Badger, Jazz, ... it's too late..... we have an early ride... day 3 of early... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz 1140 miles...


Day 2 6/9 On to Beaver! I really liked the sign coming into town... Welcome To Beaver County, now that's a nice friendly welcome!! GBG... but to back up.........

We gas up and head out of Tonopah... 8 miles out we see... a %@#(%#& sign.... Next Gas 163 miles!!!!!!!!! Tell me NOW!!!!!! But we filled up and when in high country, Ruby runs great, I'm getting 47 - 49 mpg!!! At the end of that trip I was a little under a 1/2 tank! Wish I could do that in the bay area! And Don VSP has been getting 70 mpg!!!

Just out of town about 20 miles we see a rest stop... Don said it's unusual to have a pot break out here, and I NEVER miss a chance! After 60... It's like passing gas in the desert... never do it! GBG

So we get to the Extra Terrestrial Highway and head to Rachel, Nv, Where the aliens landed! Hanger 51 et all. Nice stop, bought a couple trinkets to try and help them survive.

Then thru more of NOTHING! Lots of that out here, but you know what???!!! I loved it! Did NOT want to hear Willy sing... just listen to the sounds and watch the desert change over miles and miles of NOTHING!! GBG

We were going slow, cows along the road... no fences, and signs warning about horses and deer. Now When I saw that horse... made a deer look like a dog, would NOT want to mess with one!

We stopped at a couple little places, gas here and there, always left some money to help them out.

Don led us to a nice place in Caliente, Nv, an old train station.

Tomorrow, on to Arches and Cortez! Thanks Bucky for doing this, I know bad things happen, and I'll miss meeting you, but you made a BIG difference in my life and I hope many more!!!! Thank You!!!! Asking for the "stuff" in your life to get much better soon!


D Day.. or B Day is here Day 1 6/8 On to Tonopah!!

See Don VSP's blog!!! He can take pics while traveling and I can't, so I gave him my pics to add as he sees fit. I hope to get into "gear" at Cortez.

My ready to go pic is the first on Don's blog.....

Normal, take a pic on the ready and head out... We start at a fruit stand outside of Manteca, and then on to Tioga Pass. Jellystone had just been open for 3 days before Don VSP and I head out, so we weren't sure what to expect. It was actually very nice condition wise, lots of water and snow and the tourist haven't got here yet. The weather was real nice.

We were visiting with some fellow travelers at a rest stop where we make the left turn to start up Tioga.

After Tioga, we got to enjoy the "Giggle Road" and it's got some belly jumpers in it!!

We took a break at Benton Hot Springs...

At some deserted buildings... in the middle of nowhere, then on to Tonopah!

And a common comment here... miles and miles and miles of NOTHING!!!!!!!! We actually had a horse on the road on the way to Tonopah in open range country. My Stebel got him moving. I was very surprised I saw a few of them.... not scruffy skinny ones... These looked VERY good!! Strong fat and were nice animals! I'da never thought!


WWR '10 is beginning!! Leaving on my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!!! GBG 67 and I'm gonna ride while I can! Shoulders and hands starting to "talk" to me...

Don VSP and I are headed to WWR '10 and then the parade ride back to HSVROC at Topaz Lake, NV. Great run and looking forward to the trip!

We've had a long winter and our plans are to go over Tioga... wait and see if it's open in time, it's our current plan. Just learned 108 is open.. only costs us 1/2 hour.. Whoo Whoo!!!

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I don't know why but the %*#$%*) maps I copy don't give me the big picture, sigh. You'll have to click on View Larger Map and scroll out to see the trip, )&#$*#)$ sorry! But when you get into the map, you are into an interactive Google map and can move around. Kinda neat! And if you're so inclined, you can click on satellite view to see the country and towns, even neater!

We're going to stop East of Manteca at a fruit stand and get some snack stuff and head over Tioga to (LINK)
Whoa Nellie Deli at 120 and 395 / Lee Vining, next to Mono Lake, then on to Tonopah.

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This is our trip back, "I love a parade", I'll deviate (my true form, GBG) at Delta and my next stop will be my youngest son's place in Sparks. Wash my dirty laundry and head to HSVROC!!! The folks are doing our 'normal' ride to eat and I can't do that, eating in the evening is just too painful to me.. lunch is my main meal.

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My planned Ride from Delta to Sparks with gas stops... This is one of my longest days miles wise, luckily I get my hour back from Mt. time that I lost on the way to Cortez.

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My trip on to HSVROC... from son's house in Sparks.

Home is a wait and see..... 88, 108, 120, 50, 80....?????? GBG


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Looks like you had a fabulous ride....I'm very jealous but glad you had such a great time.

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Looks really interesting. I wish that I was there!